Takeaway Coffee Shop Taree

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For the lovers of coffee.

Serving Allpress Espresso
Specialty Coffee

8.00am - 4.00pm weekdays

9.00am - 1.00pm Saturdays

Phone orders welcome


Here at Wild Cosmo we believe in not only creating you magical blooms, but amazing coffee too! Our passion, experience and love for coffee started over ten years ago and we aim to deliver you delicious and consistent flavour! 

Our vision for bringing great coffee to our store is to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere where you can browse our shelves, pick up or order flowers or to just have a chat whilst sipping on a delicious cuppa. 

Our coffee is currently served in compostable takeaway cups but you are most welcome (and encouraged) to bring your reusable cups with you.

Our Blend  |  Browns Mill Organic 

A mellow, easy drinking coffee with smooth milk chocolate and citrus flavours. 

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